Week: 7 Activities!!

I’m going to tell you about how much i enjoyed visiting all these cool sites on the blog…

1. Sand picture

It may have been boring for you, but i think it was awesome

2. Drum kit with the typing keys

I played some awesome jams man! I rocked the house!

3. The drumming people

I could click on that person and they would be part of my band, it sounds awesome, especially when you put a ton  of each on it!

Till next time,

KYLE, Dun dun DUN

Poll! :D

Please go to this link and vote on your favorite thing about work…




Kyle, Dun dun DUN

Week 5: Tutorial For Images!


I am Kyle. i will tell you how to insert an image into your posts. this is how.

1. Find your image

2. Right click

3. Copy

4. Go to page

5. Paste

6. Enjoy, or edit where you want it to be

This post was boring


Week: 6 Do I Have to be Paid to Work?

The answer… Drum roll please, Bummmmmmmmmmmmmm… YES!!!!! I know its probs not the best decision but i want to be paid, if i get asked to work i always say, “For how much?” Never an answer to that question. So they totes ignore me! I would take almost any job as long as i get paid. Key word, Almost! So, in conclusion, I will need a good and awesome job, with PAY!!!! Than you, this post is brought to you by, The Kyle K. Fritz Orgzation, Together we can end world hunger. FOR MEEEEE!!!! Ok, that was a little selfish, but hey, its true.

Kyle, Dun dun DUN!!!!

Week 5: Using Images in a Blog!


Welcome to this post, we will be discussing what a image does and how it helps in a blog. So here we go.

Images are pictures you can put in your blog to make it look snazzy. You need to make sure your pic aint’ too over the top or way below dog. Yeah! Yo dog, your pic has to match what your  talkin’ bout’. now i know what your thinking, “What chou talkin’ about Willis?” Well, let me put it in your language bro. Your picture needs to be about your post or page and needs to fit the page so you can actually read and see the post or page. This can help because peeps might not know what you talking about. then they can see the pic and know what your talking about.

Kyle, Dun dun DUN

Week 5: Spring Break!

My spring break wasn’t the most fun for the most part, until it came to Easter. That was the best! First before you start congratulating me on all my candy, let me tell the story.

It was a warm Saturday afternoon, i was in my room, minding my own biz, then i was called to work on the trees we cut down. i had to load branches into the trailer and take them to the brush pile on my four-wheeler. It wasn’t the best thing to do but that’s how i spent my week of spring break. Then Saturday my day was spent outside playing basketball and golf. don’t ask me why but i did. Sunday was Easter and i got a lot of candy from the eather bunny (I meant to do that). Then, we went to my cousins house for the eather egg hunt. Usually, we have it at our house, but we couldn’t. I found about 30 out of the 80, but i had to give up 10 so it could be fair. I ended up with about $2 total, and a lot of snickers. I was happy then after the hunt, then we had to leave.

Well that was my story so now you can cheer for me.

Hope you had a great eather,

Kyle, Dun dun DUN

Week 4: World Water Day!!!!!

Hello! You are about to read about the special day known as water day. This is a serious post. Lets get started. World water day is a day where we conserve and be thankful for water. Now this may sound dumb and stupid, but its true!!! In 2025 two thirds of the world will be under water. In 2050 we will have 9 billion mouths to feed. Also 90 percent of our water goes to produce, our food today!! Also still one third of our food is already being lost or wasted. So, if you waste or lose food, you are also wasting water. water can be conserved when you just clear your plate!!! you can make a huge difference, just eat and finish your food!! So if you have any other ideas, please leave a comment and finish that steak on your plate!! the reason we have this day is because the world is thirsty, while we are hungry.

Thank you for listening, i hope you learned something about food and water.

Here is a link to the  page, World water day!!! page, please leave a comment on how you thought about the post and how you helped save water.


Kyle, Dun dun DUN!!!


I’m going to comment on 4 people’s blogs from OVER SEAS!!!!! I know right!!!



SECOND: Natalie!!


THIRD: Jess!


FOURTH: Sereena

WEEK 2: My Home Town!!!!!!

Welcome back!!!!! Guess what!!! I wont eat you because I’m not hungry!!!!! If you haven’t visited I will eat you!!!! Leave a comment if one of your friends hasn’t visited yet!!!!I will tell you about many places in Columbus I enjoy.

First: Subway, My favorite sub is the meatball marinara, Thats right, Meat!!!!! Run again!!!! That includes you!!!! This time everyone!!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!! Sorry but i really like subway!!!!


Second: Mcdonalds, I luv The Burgers!!!!! More meat!!!!! Dun dun DUN!!!! I also really enjoy the chicken nuggets and chicken mcbites!!!!! I always get apples to stay fit!!!


Third: My house, Sorry no tab for that but my house holds almost every electronic system you can find!!!! Not to mention a whole 42” flat screen with cupboards and a fridge full of food!!!!



Week 1: Recommendations for other blogs!!!!! Dun dun DUN!!!

These are some of my recommendations for other blogs!!!!! …… Wheres my music!!! Stupid button!! rrrr… Just hold on its out of battery. Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh NUH NUH NUH Nuh DUH NUHUH!!! Ok Im back!!! Wah Wah WAH WAH!!! Ok this remote annoys me!!! Just forget the noises!!

FIRST: Tommyk I really enjoyed his posts!!! Almost better than me!!! Kidding!!! nobody can dominate the kyle!!! ….. COME ON!!!! THIS BUTTON IS TERRIBLE!!!! WAH WAH WAH!!!! NO WRONG BUTTON!!! AHHHHH!!! Okay I enjoyed it!!!!!

Second: MEGANR!!!!! Megan’s page was THE BOMB!!!! BOOOOOOOM!!!! IT worked, it finally worked!!!!! Megan’s page was really good!!!! Pay a Visit!!! Still don’t understand the foreign greeting, but ok!

third: KyleL I really enjoyed the monkey!!! He is the newest awesome model. Wait, what did I say! I would eat that thing next to it!! Looks like a pop tart!!


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